GoCMS, allows you to build enterprise solutions supported in Geographic Information System GIS infraestruictura for various sectors, utilities, environmental or otherwise, without requiring additional programming given the high degree of parameterization of the system by the end customer's site.
The end user interface and management are in a web environment and requires no additional software installation.


SCADO is a system to capture and document management, which allows the organization, classification and incorporation of the documentation (digital format) that is stored in the physical file:
This will facilitate prompt and effective consultation of the documents without leaving the workstation or office.


SIIDAR, is a software developed for the design and proper management of the different elements involved in the design and storage of information about the plans for a network.
This information system is specifically designed for utilities (power, water, sewerage, telecommunications).


It is a control application visitors within facilities that have access control points to different areas, which include doors, gates, parking, elevators, production areas, data centers, research laboratories, etc.


EME Engineering Inc. has extensive experience in the maintenance of street lighting.

For this reason, the organization is aware of the different steps that are in the management of these maintenance. Given the need for a reliable, robust, scalable (which was not found in the market) and based on the above knowledge, EME Engineering Inc. instructed its Information Technology Department, based on existing standards, to conduct all the analysis, design and application development focused on carrying out the management of public lighting. Thus was born the project called GestionEME.